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It's Supernatural -
Sid Roth. Teaching resources and Testimonies
Benny Hinn Ministries -
Ministering to the sick, miracles and world wide evangelism
Lord's Church -
An on fire church in Incheon, South Korea. The senior pastor is author of Baptised by Blazing Fire, of which there are now 5 in print and the 6th soon to be released. The power and presence of God is strong in this ministry and many peoples lives have been transformed as a result. They are a praying people, who love and worship the Lord with fervency. They have service each night 365 days a year!
Spirit Lessons -
Face to face encounters with Jesus Christ. Powerful testimonies and teachings can be found here.
AFCM Australia -
Reaching nations with faith. Great missions oriented ministry doing the works of Jesus in many nations around the world, bringing souls to Jesus and setting the captives free.
End Times Prophecy -
End times news, I Am Coming letters, Dreams and visions.
The Way of the Master -
Evangelism to the lost the way Jesus did.
Answers in Genesis -
Creation, evolution and christian apologetics.